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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 11, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. tonight at eight. >> 10 knife. a freezing night >> jacqueline: take a look of the freezing temperatures. -- a freezing
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night tariff and also, the influence of an epidemic and the cold floozies and the. also, a body found at this recycling center. >> pam: tonight at eight. sheriff's deputies in sonoma county. investigating the death of a man. found among a pile of trash in petaluma. an employee of a recycling facility made the gruesome discovery in a warehouse late this afternoon. this is video of the scene courtesy of sky 7 h-d. investigator say the body is that of a hispanic man. kron-4's philippe djegal is in petaluma. with details in this still developing story. >> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff's department
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says the body has no obvious signs of trauma, and that the death is suspicious only because of the circumstances. that being the body found in this recycling facility. novato disposal services. the sheriff's department says the body was found in this warehouse. the facility is just off highway 101 south at the petaluma boulevard exit in petaluma. the sheriff's department says en employee found the body just before two in the afternoon near a front- loader. the body was in a pile of cardboard and other recycled material. novato disposal services collects trash from marin and sonoma counties. the sheriff's department says it knows who the body belongs to. but won't release a name until notifying next of kin. investigators say they don't know yet how the man ended up at the recycle yard, but they say its possible that the man is a
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transient. and, that he jumped into a dump truck to get out of the cold and eventually succumed to the elements. the coroner was on scene and we will await an autopsy. in petaluma, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: this never heard turnout is putting a stop to violence. >> of violence is bad in any form of especially against women. >> this was a few nights ago. and issue to a to social media as well as her physical self-defense. >> there is a your reported rape every 6.2 minutes. that is only what is reported there is usually twice as
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more that do not call reported a. >> there have been a number of self-defense class this. >> there is a free class at a sports basement but now there are two new free class's at the 18th, and the 28. >> reporter: it includes the basics and it >> we use an instructor in a padded suit to fight through the adrenaline response and to hit full force and that gets in your muscle memory so-so thing happens to your body will adjusted to it. >> reporter: fliers are being posted. seoul yousoul-evey is alert. also, the muscle memory will just it --do it. with muscle memory. from abouthat self-defense class.
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>> pam: the attacker, who is still on the loose, is described as asian male. standing five-foot-eight. weighing about 160 pounds. he's between 20 to 30 years old. he has a buzzcut and a small beard. last seen wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. turning now to the weather. the bay area is in store for another night of freezing temperatures. and it's taking a toll on mountain roads. our cameras spotted all of this black ice in the santa cruz mountains. creating a major hazard for drivers. and in the east bay today. clear skies-- but chilly - many people bundled up. this is video from just a couple of hours ago in walnut creek. and now, here is a live look at walnut creek. where the temperatrue has fallen and is expected to keep falling overnight. jacqueline bennet is here now with how cold it's going to get. >> jacqueline: we can see heavy rainfall. antioch,
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brentwood, towards the delta and walnut creek. pressing towards a livermore. this is more strict to the north. it is coming down from the north with those clouds bringing someone richer and even small hail. with a spotty shower activity near the coast. this could continue for the overnight hours. still, unstable because of how cold it is and plenty of shower activity. not really focusing on the bay area perce but some of these could be rolling through as we see. cold temperatures overnight. 39 in vallejo 40's in santa rosa. 40's in daly city and it is going to get a lot colder. the futurecast, with widespread 20's and 30's. with your neighborhood forecast, coming up. meantime, flu
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season is causing major problems across much of the country. and it may just be getting started here. right now, influenza is "widespread" in 47 states - that does not include california still, since december - we now know, there have been at least four flu- related deaths in our state. two in sacramento. and two in orange county. and as people start to feel sick. there is some confusion about whether it's the flu - or just a cold. dr. tomas aragon - with the san francisco health dept - explains the difference. >> of a cold usually just attacking the upper portion of your body but the influence of local law work portions of eurobonds. and morrison comes like fever. muscle aches and you feel like your entire body is a sec. it is not just your
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respiratory tract. so, in full when secondly make them very, very ill there are a percentage of people that have a very mild flu virus. so they are not exactly sick but they are out transmitting the infection to other people. >> pam: in our highly inter- connected world, the internet has become an important tool for tracking the progress of diseases, such as the flu. new tonight at eight, kron 4's charles clifford shows us how google is doing just that. >> reporter: when people have the flu, they tend to go online and search for flu related information. for the past couple years google has been collecting that data and using it to track the
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spread of influenza. they call it google flu trends and it's proven to be very accurate. this is a google earth map with flu trends information from a few months ago...early october. as you can see, there wasn't much going on then, green represents very minimal flu activity. but as we move forward in time you can watch the flu spread. it changes from mild, to moderate and then in december the flu really takes off in the south and by the first week of december the entire country is seeing intense or high flu activity. but now let's take a look at what the center for disease control says. the cdc uses data from hospitals and research centers. it's not as close to real time as google flu trends is, but it's probably more
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accurate. according to the cdc, this is what the county looked like back in october with very minimal flu activity. as we move forward into november and december, the same story plays out as influenza reports start to spike in the south and by new years it's everywhere, just like with google. but here's the good news, if we move forward a week into 2013 the cdc map actually shows that influenza cases started to drop off. the center for disease control has actually seeing fewer flu cases, but in it's not unheard of for cases to dip and then pick back up again as it did in in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: if you're flying in or out of s-f-o this weekend, you could experience some delays. and they have nothing to do with the weather. kron 4's dan kerman explains. a closure of another type is causing problems for commuters on the dumbarton bridge. since the beginning of the year, budget issues have forced the closure of toll booth number 4.
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also, other runway closures are sco scheduled. in addition,that has led to a great deal of congestion, especially during the morning commute. well, now the bay area toll authority and cal -trans. have changed their plans. and come monday morning, toll booth number 4 will be staffed from 7 -to- 9 in the morning. welcome news for commuters >> pam: five days of work and still no human remains recovered in the search for victims of speed freak killers -wesley shermantine and loren herzog. the two men who went on a drug- induced killing rampage in the 1980's and 90's.
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kron 4's j.r. stone has been following the story. he has more on the abandoned well which is at the center of the f-b-i search. >> the fbi will bring its local, state, but international resources necessary. >> reporter: this area have been cleared with a 10-15 the area ought to be used to search for bones. people in the area of reacted. >> i do not want to waste my breath. somebody so disgusting that was in this area when i did live here. >> reporter: the fbi saying that it used test equipment to go into the ground but had not reached the bottom of the well. however, by friday, they reached at at 200 ft. on thursday --. and a special equipment or half to be brought in. >> now it is friday. are
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five days into this. the fbi says it will take a few days to get that water out. then they'll put their camera down the well to see what's inside.finally after those two steps they will start sifting for human remains. obviously lots of work to be done. j.r. stone kron 4 news. after the break. >> pam: a look inside boeing's 787 dreamliner jumbo jet. which touched down in san jose this morning.
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q x
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>> pam: the suspect in the colorado movie theatre shooting won't be arraigned just yet. james holmes was supposed to be back in court today. but won't be enter a plea until march.
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defense attorneys asked for the delay -- arguing that they need more time to go through the evidence. the judge was concerned that if the arraignment moved too quickly - the case could end in appeal. holmes' attorneys might be going after a mental health evaluation by a doctor of their choosing. they've hinted at the possibility of an insanity defense. >> pam: vice president joe biden meets with representatives from the video game industry to talk about gun violence. biden's task force has been talking with several stakeholders in the gun debate this week. president obama called for the creation of the task force after the shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. biden says several groups are in support of universal background checks for all gun buyers. that includes people who purchase firearms through private sales. he's expected to hand in his recommendations to the president next week. the new boeing 7-87 dreamliner. made it's local
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debut at san jose airport today. >> reporter: this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news - as the plane came in for a landing. kron4's haaziq madyun gives you an up-close look at the new jetliner. you are looking at video of the inside of boeing's 787 dreamlinera state of the art aircraftthat the all nippon airlines will now fly in and out of san jose mineta intl airportwith direct flights to japan this is the historic inaugural flight arriving here at gate 15 the 787 is the big brother of boeing's 767 airplaneand although it is 30% larger than conventional planesthe dreamliner significantly lighter due to 50% of its parts being made of new carbon fiber composite materials
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business class passengers are in for a treatcheck out how this seat fully reclinesas you can seeseating here is staggered to allow for for a more personal experiencewhether your working or catching some shut eye the dreamliner has more over head storage room for medium sized carry-on luggage as well >> "i'm the first from the bay area to go on the dreamliner! i am excited" >> reporter: if you were not one of the first passengers on the inaugural flight departing san jose to tokyodon't worryana airlines will operate 5 flights a week with connections to destinations throughout asiaat the san jose mineta international airport haaziq madyun kron4news >> jacqueline: some of breaking weather news with a storm of pressing and. some called a cloud band associated
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with the spot a cloud pattern offshore. still to the north is where this moisture is coming from. some showers i do not think the we are going to see as much rainfall perhaps some pop up showers with unstable air. it is so cold but mostly this will stay offshore. as we take a look at the weather headlines mostly clear skies and cold temperatures. areas of a frost. it is going to stay chilly. we will start to see some warm up. temperatures? futurecast by 2:00 a.m., 20's and '30's! it is going to stay that way for the morning. several hours of the sub-freezing temperatures in spots. temperatures will be 40's and 30's. 40's quickly getting back into the 30's.
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as we take a look of the morning lows. 25 degrees in napa. 28. freezing in the frost advisory basically covering the entire bay- area. very cold. temperatures in the 40's. 493 san francisco. a look at your extended forecast with not much changes. however, early next week is when the changes will start. subtle. by the time we get to thursday more comfortable. 60s in the afternoon and more reasonable and the morning. >> the world's largest consumer electronics show is
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wrapping up in las vegas. coming up some of the most bizarre and fun items gabe slate tech report gary radnich the 49ers are in town. getting ready for the big game and alesia is here. " talk about fat and meat in a tuxedo me-in a tuxedo (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> pam: the world's largest consumer electronics show is wrapping up in las vegas. now, we show you some of these unique and bizarre new gadgets. >> probably the most eye-
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catching invention at this is nobody that will purchase but it is the to look at. this is a 50 ft. to a remote control snake. it took thousands of hours at $70,000. it is 1,600 lbs.. and it can go five m.p.h. even just to battery power for one hour. that is the point to learn about to battery power. they wanted to press the boundaries of battery life. there is no plans to bring this to the market. and here is a smaller items. this is deaf wheeme dreambot and the sensors and grippers will
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glide over your body and is available at $50 however, if you would like something with more impact? maybe this is for you. this context to your smart phone. "-connect to your iphone. this creates your own experience and even a dramdrumming machine. pre- order = $150. and lastly, this is available for children. for the toddlers yes, i it is, ipotty to help
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children digitally entertained while they are training. the makers of this to not want parents to worry about the damage so it comes with a protective cover. this can also be taken apart for easy cleaning gabe slate tech report you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> ahead at eight. we all know what 49-ers player vernon davis has done on the field. tonight. we'll show you how he's trying inspire kids. off the field. >> jacqueline: we are continuing to monitor temperatures it is going to be quite cold with a pop up a thunder shower. i will tell you all about that, coming up.
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. sheriff's deputies in sonoma county are investigating the death of a man who's body was found in the warehouse of a recycling facility in petaluma. the greusome discovery was made at about two this afternoon. investigators are calling this death "suspicious". >> residents in san francisco take a stand
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against crimes against women. a rally was held in the mission district tonight. days after a woman was attacked and almost raped. that case. >> and flu season is ramping up in california. four deaths have been reported in the state. two in the sacramento area and two in southern califorina. influezna is also being reported as "widespread" in 47-other states. some hospitals in northern california are bringing in more supplies of flu vaccine. to keep up with demand. >> another night of cold temperatures in the bay area. jacqueline bennet is back with a look at the forecast. >> jacqueline: if it is unstable. i am surprised that we are even getting a bit of a surprise with nothing to get this storm started but nonetheless, the rainfall moving towards dublin and even hail associated. however, not a
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surprising with the cold it is coming down from the north. that band of clouds. we have seen reports of hill associated. you can see the spot a cloud pattern instability. cold and that will help a thunderstorm development. however, i did not anticipate that us as we take a look at current temperatures it is certainly cold temperatures in the 30's. it is going to get much colder, 20's & 30's, overnight with your neighborhood tam, coming up purify the >> pam: on the eve before tomorrow's big 49er playoff game against the formidable green bay packers. we bring you a different side of one tough 49er. tight end - vernon davis as you've never seen him. as an artist? new at eight. kron-'4s vicki liviakis brings us a story
8:35 pm
you'll only see here. the vernon davis we see on tv. nfl football player. 49er tight end. taking a hard hit. and getting back up again. but, this is also vernon davis - talented artist and painter. >> it is all about expressing yourself. >> reporter: opening up his new art gallery in san jose's santana row. gallery 85. just like his jersey. here you'll see davis' own other emerging artists. >> i want to touch children's lives for perhaps that do not believe. >> proceeds go to the vernon davis foundation for the arts. davis majored in art in college.but kept his love of drawing and painting hidden in the tough hood he grew up in. >> did you have a moment? >> yes, i had a moment where i was scared. and then when i was in college i decided
8:36 pm
and i felt free. during that time i thought about some things that i could get back and change lives and let kids know that it is okay that it is okay to pursue art. >> where some of the only options were drugs, gangs, and if you're lucky - football. davis' aim is to make art cool for kids. and encourage them to pick up a paint brush instead of. a brush with the law. in san jose vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> pam: oakland police conducted several raids this morning. it was all in an effort to crack down on the city's crime wave. oakland has suffered an escalating problem with violence. like this homicide you see here where a woman and man were shot as they went through a drive through restaurant. police launched operation ceasefire to try and stem the violence. in the raid, police say they detained 6 people as well as confiscated guns and other
8:37 pm
>> we are going to go after you in oakland and make sure that the violence will end. and also as you know or violent offenders are repeat offenders everyone to put an end to it. this community has pand a request and they deserve this. we want to mak impact on violence and this is a great example of working together with the committee to address violence. >> pam: police say it is unclear right now how many will be arrested and prosecuted. adding they will conduct another raid, if need be to help reduce crime on the streets of oakland. >> in addition, there were reits in the santa cruz. " operations ceasefire " is a national crime prevention
8:38 pm
recognized crime-fighting program. grant, kron 4. >> pam: in the north bay -- a teenager from northern california visiting family-- is shot and killed. and police are looking for the gunman. 17-year-old la-vanial williams was found shot multiple times on a walkway. it happened just after midnight-- on drake avenue. in marin city family members say he was staying with them and was shot in near their home. so far no arrests have been made. guilty plea. the oil tanker that hit the bay bridge --- has left the bay area. this is video of the overseas reymar heading out to sea under the golden gate. from sky-7-h-d the coast guard says, officials deemed the tanker safe -- although it will require repairs before it can return to service. the ship hit a tower on the western span of the bay bridge monday. it had been anchored while investigators collected
8:39 pm
evidence, and interviewed crew- members. a probe into what caused the crash is underway. >> one of the well known san francisco brown twins -- whose colorful matching outfits and infectious smiles were iconic staples of the city. has died. 85-year-old vivian brown suffered from alzheimer's disease. and died in her sleep wednesday. vivian and her sister, marian, were often seen walking arm- in- arm down san francisco streets.always in carbon - copy outfits and eye- catching hats.. the pair appeared in advertisements, including reebok. spots for dell computer and virgin atlantic airlines >> coming up the next [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service, now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch. [ female announcer ] call now to get at&t u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months, with a total home dvr included free for life. plus, add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] with u-verse tv, you can record four shows at once with the total home dvr
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>> pam: now for today's market update. stocks end the week in mostly positive territory. despite the s-and-p-500 slipping below the five- year high it reached yesterday. on wall street. the dow ends the week up 17- points. nasdaq gained three. and the s-and-p-500 slipped a fraction of a point.
8:42 pm
wells fargo is raking in the dough. the bank's profits jumped 24-percent in the fourth quarter -- to more than five billion dollars. the bank's lucrative >> facebook is charging users 100-dollars to send a direct message to founder mark zuckerberg. it's all part of a beta test for a new revenue stream. last month, facebook said it would begin testing paid messages, but didn't say how much they would cost. right now, if you inbox people who aren't in your network, it goes to a mailbox most users don't know exists. to cut out spam messages. facebook says it is using the extreme price point as another type of spam filter. >> and sports, and your comments on new year's eve with gary radnich and his wife. and the green bay packers in the bay area. what both sides have to say about tomorrows to bakin the key game....
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.( waves crashing ) so as the waves of the pacific ocean come crashing over the wall so does the bad behavior as you enter the park there are numerous signs that simply read all dogs must be on leash it's illegal to disturb wildlife the wildlife they are referring to is sea life and bird life >> murgansers are out there >> every two weeks bird surverys head over to pillar point bluffs in half moon bay to count native and migrating birds however according to the
8:46 pm
surveyors it has become more difficult to get an accurate count becise of the off leash dogs one amatuer bird watcher had this to say dogs off leash chase birds or people let their birds just run around and the birds can't use thise areas of shore and this is probably some of the only shorebird habitat on this section of the coast now, i tried to talk to numberous dog owners on camera one man told me no thanks because he doesn't trust the media another lady told me the signs only apply to the new people visiting the park, i'm not making this up and another dog owner told me it's a stupid law so she
8:47 pm
doesn't have to follow stupid laws for the record leash law applies to all of san mateo county, marine reserve or not and no one is grand fathered in to break the law if you thinks it's a stupid law they you need to work on getting the law changed not breaking it because it's dosent suit you oh and one more thing there is not such thing as voice command or voice control in san mateo county your dog must be on a leash .unless dog park the fine for walking your dog off leash in san mateo county is 100 bucks plus court fees the secon offence 200 dollars now i'll wait for the nasty grams to pour in from the confused sometimes in half moon bay stanley roberts. >> jacqueline: take a look these cold temperatures! we
8:48 pm
are showing some instability. it is very cold. some of these storms are starting up. we are experiencing that right now. we can see the spotty showers pattern of indicative of that instability. we will see mostly clear skies, overnight. with mostly clear conditions once this dies down. 39 and fairfield. pleasanton, livermore, and as we go for the overnight hours frigid temperatures expected. 20's and 30's. 25 degrees in napa. 27 and livermore. and at or near freezing. there is a freeze warning in effect for the north bay and portions of the south bay as well as frost advisory for the
8:49 pm
bayshore. virtually the entire bay area. impacted by these cold temperatures. tomorrow, still cold. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. low 50s in the san francisco, daly city, sinophile. and as for the sierras, we are going to see some lingering shower activity. for our own forecast and not much changing. and a gradual warming for next week. next week temperatures will be a bit more reasonable. >> good evening, everybody the green bay packers have a right to writhave arrived, with aaron rogers. the best quarterback clay masters and
8:50 pm
the clay 3 point underdogs.. >> and our fans, and especially understand playoff time. they paid to the end zones .. paint them red. and it feels like 60 or 70,000 of them are on our side. >> he is one of the top defensive players. and all this meant. it is a talented group they can get after you with alden smith. >> our bye week we were able to get recharged. and we get to refresher under
8:51 pm
pressure. >> just majustin smith. he wille on the roster. and if he plays well. however, that came tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. should be great. add the football hall of fame the finals have been announced. debartalow whould have been in the hall of fame if it
8:52 pm
were not the controversy with the revgambling. take a look at this final score from golden state/halftime. meanwhile, the sacramento kings it is official. the brothers, their father worked all their life now, they got rid of the teams and the hotels. let us see how much firefighter 25 bit dollars goes. when we come back. how much--525 and the dollars goes.. >> i am always ready.
8:53 pm
>> i'm always ready. >> and who is directing up there?
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8:55 pm
>> the forty-niners.
8:56 pm
>> big things. >> there is going to be a big sector to blame for benching alex smith. however, with everything on the line. however, if coach jim harbaugh did not think that this was the right thing to do. they think that this is his correct move. >> do think that barry bonds should be in the hall of fame? >> of course! barry bonds got better and so he rolled the dice he got caught. and
8:57 pm
they are going to make him pay. >> and this coach. a recruitment? >> there are a number of private schools. let us face it. when the tuition is that much. particulate athletic kids if they do not have their parents the resources. >> everybody does it. >> the problem is that they all want to go to that school. and it is at a super bowl commercial roller were former installers. >> it is worth what ever you can get but every year. was 3.5 million, this year, of more times than not. they
8:58 pm
are talking more times about the commercial. >> former and dollars! and they're all sold out >> i like your whole flock on new year's. >> and i appreciate. but i hate to say it but tell me something and i don't know. >> where one tonight how about wearing one tonight [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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